Great progress with the new packaging line for Gü Indulgent Foods Limited

RB have been working closely with Gü and specialist suppliers to deliver a new high speed multi format packaging line as part of a multi-million pounds investment in the Gü Bishops Stortford site.

Gü partnered with RB to deliver the project which includes installing a new production line and packaging line into an existing facility which operates 24/7. This has to be achieved with just a few days downtime for the existing production facilities. This new packaging line will significantly increase the production capability of Gü as they continue to accelerate growth in the countries they sell in.

To achieve this RB have 3D scanned and modelled the entire site including all existing equipment, utilities and buildings. The new packaging line 3D model was then federated into the site model. This ensures the packaging line can be easily operated and maintained once installed. RB have overseen the partial relocation of the existing Gü packaging line to make space for the new high speed line. RB have worked closely with the packing line manufacturer to ensure the line can be constructed off site, fully tested and then installed with minimal disruption to the existing site production.

The entire line will be assembled and run at high speed during a full FAT and PUWER assessment at the OEM facility in Ireland. The line will then be carefully disassembled, shipped to the UK and installed at the Gü Bishops Stortford site.

The new packaging line includes the latest advanced technology and will enable Gü to continue to innovate and bring the most irresistible chilled treats to consumers around the world.

RB Director and Gü Line 2 Program Director Seán McKirdy would like to thank the entire team (Gü, RB and suppliers) for all of the hard work and success to date.

The following images show the progress to date at the OEM assembly hall in Ireland.