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RB Group Implements cutting-edge 3D software for efficiency gains in multi-million pound project with Gü

RB Group has integrated advanced 3D spatial context software, from CupixWorks, to achieve significant time and cost efficiencies for their latest project with dessert manufacturer Gü. 


This project involves installing a new production and packaging line within Gü’s continuously operating facility, part of a multi-million pound investment at the Bishops Stortford site, aimed at delivering a high-speed, multi-format packaging line.


RB Group faced several common challenges in managing and documenting the project:

Spatial constraints and accuracy

Projects often involved tight and congested spaces, requiring precise installation of machinery and piping. Traditional methods sometimes led to inaccuracies.

Time and cost overruns

Misplacements or inaccuracies in installation could cause significant delays and cost overruns, affecting project timelines and budgets.

Collaboration and communication

With multiple contractors and stakeholders involved, ensuring timely and accurate communication was a challenge, and mishandling could lead to delays and rework.

Remote management

The modern work environment and project locations across the globe necessitated a solution that allowed for effective remote project management and oversight.


RB Group collaborated with CupixWorks to 3D scan and model the entire Gü site, including all existing equipment, utilities, and buildings. This detailed 3D model of the new packaging line was then integrated into the site model to ensure seamless operation and maintenance once installed. RB Group has also overseen the partial relocation of the existing Gü packaging line to accommodate the new high-speed line. By working closely with the packaging line manufacturer, RB Group has facilitated the off-site construction, full testing, and subsequent installation of the line, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing site production.

3D documentation and virtual tours

By creating detailed 3D models and virtual tours of the project’s site, RB Group enhanced the accuracy of their documentation, facilitating better planning and execution.

Real-time updates and issue

identification Frequent scans allowed for real-time updates on project progress. This early identification of installation errors or deviations from plans significantly reduced rework and associated costs.

Enhanced collaboration

CupixWorks enabled seamless collaboration among stakeholders, allowing for immediate feedback and decision-making, thereby streamlining project execution.

Remote access and monitoring

The cloud-based platform allowed team members, including designers and engineers, to access project data remotely, reducing the need for onsite visits and enabling efficient remote project management


Accuracy and efficiency
The precision of 3D documentation and virtual tours reduced errors in installation, saving time and costs associated with rework.
Improved collaboration
The platform facilitated better communication among contractors, reducing conflicts and delays. It also allowed for quick resolution of issues through accurate, real-time data.
Cost savings
Early error detection and reduced need for physical site visits contributed to significant cost savings and reduced project timelines.
Client satisfaction
Enhanced project delivery, with improved accuracy and efficiency, led to increased client satisfaction.


By integrating CupixWorks’ reality capture and collaboration features, RB Group not only overcame spatial constraints and accuracy issues but also streamlined communication and project management processes. The resulting improvements in efficiency, cost savings, and client satisfaction underline the significant impact of digital tools on traditional engineering and construction practices.


You may download a pdf of this case study via the link below.

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