Tank storage

The sector includes storage and downstream processing of crude oil and gas from point of extraction, through transport, pipe systems, separations, refining, treatments, purification, storage and site services. 

Additionally, the similarities in scale and technologies naturally link oil and gas to the large scale manufacture of monomers and polymers such as fertilisers and plastics and their associated technologies and infrastructure.

We also include enzyme production of monomers and polymers in this sector because of the scale and similarities in storage, transport and site infrastructure requirements. In this case, the transformation from the raw material to the product is achieved using biochemical enzymes harvested from bacteria. The processes are more environmentally friendly, occurring at low temperature and atmospheric pressure rather than the traditional route of using high temperature and pressure combined with metal catalysts.

RB Group Experience: Designing and installing large scale petrochemical equipment

RB Group engineers are experienced in working to the exacting quality requirements of designing and installing large scale petrochemical equipment which must work reliably and efficiently, 24/7, at high pressures and temperatures.  Much of the site layout, storage and services infrastructure is routine. What really interests us are new processes and modifications to make a plant more effective or environmentally friendly – to better serve the needs of the organisation, the markets, and ultimately the planet.

RB Group is fully conversant with the legal framework in which the petrochemical industry works including obligations to the external community, safe transportation of materials, control of major accident hazards, and environmental protection as well as internal regulations relating to safe design and maintaining a safe workplace within battery limits.


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