About us 

We provide professional engineering consultancy, design, project, and construction management services across a wide range of sectors from Pharmaceuticals to Heavy Engineering – applying vision, purpose, and cutting-edge expertise. We undertake every stage of a project lifecycle from initial conception to commissioning, both globally and within the UK.

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Our divisions

The success of RB Group clients owes much to the diversity of expertise we’ve acquired and the sharing of best practice and innovative ideas between sectors in which we work.

No single approach fits every client/sector. At RB Group we differentiate ourselves by applying a combination of innovative and established solutions to deliver a service and project outcome that is reliable and value-adding, and addresing the unique challenges faced by each client.


RB Group has over 50 years’ experience delivering pharmaceutical engineering projects. We have detailed regulatory and industry relevant safety standard knowledge, as well as knowledge gained from cross-fertilisation of approaches from other sectors. We have a track record of working with a broad range of with GMP production sites, research facilities and complete life sciences sites.


We have decades of site and design expertise in a wide variety of chemical industry projects from heavy petrochemicals through to resins, bulk chemicals, speciality chemicals and solvents. We are fully conversant with project execution, operational challenges, and safety standards expected from a top-tier COMAH site. 


Our engineers are experienced in working to the exacting quality requirements of designing and installing large scale petrochemical equipment. We are fully conversant with the legal framework in which this industry works including obligations to the external community, safe transportation of materials, control of major accident hazards, and environmental protection whilst maintaining a safe workplace within battery limits.


From gemstone cleaning and processing to the procession of molten salts and from dredged aggregates and cement manufacture to minerals processing we have over five decades of practical experience and expertise. From preparing capital justifications to gaining environmental permissions we have proven processes to facilitate almost any project.

energy & environment

One of our key focuses is on reducing operating costs, with a special emphasis on energy usage. By implementing innovative solutions and adopting sustainable practices, we help clients optimise their energy consumption, resulting in tangible cost savings. 

battery materials

RB Group has positioned itself at the forefront of this industry, actively supporting innovative start-ups that play pivotal roles in supply chain dynamics in the transition of transportation fleets from fossil fuels. Our commitment extends to both the UK and international markets.

glass & metals

RB Group understands the economic and environmental challenges facing the glass and metal industries and have worked with a number of manufacturers designing, constructing, refurbishing and project handling of manufacturing, heat treating, recycling, smelting, and coating plants and many more. 

paper & packaging

RB Group has been involved on a wide range of multi-million pound design and construction projects for leading paper manufacturers throughout the UK. We have engineers resident at a number of client sites throughout the UK working seamlessly within client teams for a wide range of project sizes.

food & drink

We have a proven track record of working with a wide range of food and drink manufacturers from primary and secondary foods production to brewery, distillery and dairy. We are fully conversant of operating within stringent regulatory requirements and understand the pressure to minimise internal engineering costs. 

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