RB Group in collaboration with Net Zero

We’re delighted to announce that RB Group, in collaboration with our research partner Net Zero Scientific (NZS), has secured funding to further optimise the existing NZS process which produces high purity alumina from dust and incinerator ash as well as green Hydrogen.

The funding will promote development to further enhance the purity of High Purity Alumina (HPA) targeting 99.99% Aluminium Oxide.

The game-changing nature of this target cannot be overstated.

By 2030, the market for HPA is set to grow from its existing 25,000t/yr to over 250,000t/yr at an average forecast price of $38 per kilogram. Furthermore, the UK has no indigenous source of this key material which is currently imported from Africa and Asia.

The technology processes low-value, raw, scrap Aluminium to generate much higher value Aluminates and green Hydrogen, thereby creating a sustainable low/zero-carbon energy source.

The process is also fully modular enabling seamless integration into different processes at a wider variety of throughputs.

Genghis Perriman, Business Development Manager of RB Group said “We very much look forward to continuing to support NZS both to achieve this higher purity and to develop commercial scale-up from laboratory to pilot scale. This welcome news is a clear signal of the direction of travel of the UK’s commitment to the circular and green economies.”

Alan Smith, founder and Technology Manager of NZS said “with global supply chains facing long-term disruption we need to create new onshore sources of strategic raw materials and making them from waste supports both net-zero and the circular economy”.