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Batch Distillation Feasibility Study

Location: Southern England

Industry: Flavours/Food and drink

Project cost: £983K

RB fees: £33K (Budget £45K)

Project duration: 5 months

Project brief

  • Client had increased projected market demand however capacity of existing assets insufficient to meet this demand
  • 2 x options investigated; a) re-use existing distillation equipment and b) buy new

Challenges and solutions

Challenge: Limited process design basis for existing bespoke processes
Solution proposed: Reverse engineered existing bespoke design using actual operating data

Challenge: Limited data on capacity of existing utility systems
Solution proposed: Assessed approximate Utilities systems capacities and project impact

Challenge: Ensure sufficient detail to differentiate between 2 options without exceeding budget
Solution proposed:

  • Identified deliverables common to both options to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  • Identified cost elements (e.g. electrical and civil common to both elements)
  • Used cost data from similar previous projects, databases and vendors
    Identified high level risks and limitations of existing options

Challenge: Limited available footprint
Solution proposed: Rotated process “skid” through 90° to ensure no clash with roof trusses

Outcome and client benefits

  • Option A – reusing existing still possible with extra design checks but with restricted throughput (2/3 x target)
  • Option B – Cost estimate for new still system to ±20% accuracy suitable for Client to assess financial feasibility
  • High level design suitable for rapid progression to FEED stage if/when required
  • Came in significantly under budget – £33K compared to £45K

You may download a pdf of this case study via the link below.

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