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Advanced thermal conversion facility

RB Group’s client installed its ‘fast’ gasification’ plant as the primary gasification process for Yorkshire Water’s Advanced Thermal Conversion Facility at their Lower Brighouse site.


The key activities carried out at the Lower Brighouse site are as follows:

  1. Fuel Pelletisation of dried sewage sludge and screenings
  2. Drying of sewage sludge utilising waste/recovered heat from the process
  3. Gasification of Biomass.
  4. Power and Heat Generation of renewable energy.

RB Group’s client remit expanded into technical and site management of the entire site. RB Plants Client wished to prove and develop the site whilst maintaining compliance to Yorkshire waters requirements and all associated statutory regulations.

The challenge

To document the existing site including: PIDs generation, control philosophy creation, O&M centralization, standard creation.

Process improvement design work including: Pellet plant reconfiguration, Scrubber optimisations, heat recovery system installation, TOU optimisation, process expansion.

Compliance works including HAZOP studies, Basis of safety document creation, IPPC creation,

LOPA studies / SIL assessments, HAC development and compliance

The outcome

A sector leading facility in terms of energy production and emissions providing a template for future sites.

“RB Group provided us with expert professional engineering support throughout this project. Culturally their engineers seamlessly integrated into our single team and were key contributors to the success of the project. We expect this to be the start of an ongoing relationship as our technology is deployed throughout the UK”


You may download a pdf of this case study via the link below.

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