Manufacturers in this sector face both challenges and opportunities partly due to the pressures from transitioning to paperless communication yet with increased demand for paper used in packaging materials for example. With reduced internal engineering resources, the need to partner with a seasoned external consultancy to exploit the opportunities whilst weathering the challenges has never been greater.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with R B Plant:


We have been involved on a wide range of multi £m design and construction projects for leading paper manufacturers throughout the UK. We have engineers resident at a number of client sites throughout the UK working seamlessly within client teams for a wide range of project sizes.


R B Plant provide support through part of or the entire project lifecycle thereby avoiding major pitfalls which can result in a project overrunning, being delayed or under-performing. Some examples are:

  • Preparing cases for capital justifications and sanctioning
  • Obtaining approval from regulatory authorities such as the HSE, EA
  • CDM
  • Procurement
  • Site services, infrastructure and supervision of sub-contractors ensuring adhesion to programme


Several R B Plant engineers come directly from a manufacturing environment and have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • All unit operations of the paper machine; bulk materials storage and handling; waste treatment plus site infrastructure and services.
  • Addition of mineral fillers, typically calcium carbonate, china clay or titanium oxide. Gives the paper opacity, body, feel and surface finish required for the next stage of processing.
  • Chemical processing: such as: bleaches, brighteners, sequestering agents, chelating agents, preservatives, sizing, wet strength additives, dry strength additives, coating binders, optical brighteners, dyes etc.
  • Paper surface coatings and inks of all types
  • Paper mills

Our cross-sector experience from chemical and steel has been an invaluable asset in serving paper clients – For example rolling mill technology from a steel plant applies closely to pressing, drying, calendar and packing sections of a paper mill.