Glass and Metals


Processing companies in this demanding sector are often faced with economic and environmental challenges and opportunities such as:

  • innovating new or modified products to meet market demands
  • minimising operating costs such as energy and recycling to recover valuable metals
  • Pressure to minimise internal engineering costs
  • Improved equipment reliability

Hence, R B Plant who are well versed both technically and commercially in this sector are often chosen as a natural engineering consultancy partner.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with R B Plant:


  • Long-term collaboration with many of the following clients:
  • Design, construction, refurbishment and project handling of:
    • Furnaces for Zinc galvanising
    • Rockwool manufacturing line
    • 3 glass furnaces and 2 glass coating plants in Chile and the UK
    • Lead battery recycling, lead refining and silver recovery plant
    • Catalytic converter manufacturing for car exhausts
    • Turnkey facility to ‘wash’ gemstones and increase their value


R B Plant provide support through part of or the entire project lifecycle thereby avoiding major pitfalls which can result in a project overrunning, being delayed or under-performing. Some examples are:

  • GAP analysis leading to improved productivity
  • Preparing cases for capital justifications and sanctioning
  • “Horizon” scanning to review and develop innovative solutions to enhance plant operating performance and reduce operating costs
  • Achieving planning permissions
  • Obtaining approval from regulatory authorities such as the HSE, EA
  • CDM
  • Procurement
  • Site services, infrastructure and supervision of sub-contractors ensuring adhesion to programme


Several R B Plant engineers come directly from a manufacturing environment having designed and built furnaces, mills and coating lines all over the world and at all scales in the following areas:

  • Civil, structural, architectural, process, mechanical, electrical, control, automation
  • steel and lead processing and recycling
  • Separation and treatment of by-products such as metal slag, for metal recovery and conversion into construction materials
  • Blast and induction furnaces
  • Oxygen lances
  • hot-duct designs including both water and evaporatively cooled
  • heat treating
  • plate glass coating
  • iron smelting
  • steel rolling and coating
  • Rockwool fibre and glass fibre insulation
  • precious metals processing including Silver extraction and Platinum
  • gemstone ‘washing’ with molten salts