Project Planning & Reporting

No matter how large or small the job, we maintain the same rigorous approach to ensure that all milestones are recorded on a project plan, particularly highlighting critical path milestones (e.g. long lead items) and definition of scope boundaries.

This approach results in:

  • A systematic process that ensures the strategic and technology options selected are fully aligned with the client’s business drivers.
  • Agreement from all relevant stakeholders at each stage gate in the project lifecycle before progressing to the next stage.
  • Avoiding project timescale overruns and unforeseen/unbudgeted costs.

The value of this upfront planning more than pays for itself since all parties have confidence that the right course of action has been chosen in the client’s best interest, thereby avoiding abortive work.

Due to the diverse range of skills among our project managers and planners acquired from many sectors and clients, we will have an approach that will fit your specific requirements.

However, just as important as agreeing the initial project plan and strategic objectives is the follow-up monitoring to ensure adhesion to programme.

We offer a full project monitoring services including:

  • Real-time reporting to ensure a realistic program is agreed either for a complete turnkey project or individual project elements.
  • RACI matrix showing project interdependencies. This is critical to a client knowing what input is required from them to keep the project on track and ensures that project team members within RB Plant are appraised of which milestones they are either accountable for or where they need to provide support.
  • Minuting meetings and following up on actions.
  • Reporting on project non-conformances, e.g. equipment not being installed to the required standards.
  • Cost reporting ensuring adhesion to budget and Early Warning Notices (EWNs) where impending overspend, or project overruns are likely to occur.
  • Monitoring safety performance and providing regular toolbox talks.