Procurement & Expediting

RB Plant is well versed in managing vendors and sub-contractors to ensure they adhere to their contractual obligations and performance guarantees as well as keeping the project on track.

As a result, many clients choose to outsource this package of work to us completely. We have a specialist, long-serving team with in-house procedures that can be readily adapted to any procurement package of work within any contract, thereby avoiding any ‘learning curves’.

Our activities include:

  • Vendor prequalification and selection.
  • Preparation of procurement plans.
  • Procurement risk assessment.
  • Issue, expediting and receipt of tender documents.
  • Negotiation of contractual terms including performance guarantees.
  • Managing signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) where required.
  • Commercial Bid Analysis (CBA).
  • Technical Bid Analysis (TBA).
  • Placing orders with vendors.
  • Management and interfacing with vendor following the order stage.
  • Invoice processing.
  • Expediting and monitoring vendor progress.
  • Arranging deliveries.
  • Inspection of goods and documentation.
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).
  • Dealing with Variation Orders.
  • Construction management plan to ensure vendors adhere to their following obligations:
    • CDM compliance.
    • Risk assessments and method statements prior to undertaking work.
    • Documentation.
    • Commissioning Plan.
  • Resolution of final settlements, claims and warranty management.

Here are just some of the benefits to clients:

  • Allows the client procurement team to focus on their internal core procurement activities, thereby avoiding the distractions of a new project.
  • Fewer interfaces and hence less risk of activities being missed/lost during the process.
  • Our procurement team works closely with our technical teams, thereby avoiding some of the pitfalls that can occur where information can be lost between two discrete organisations.
  • RB Plant ensures that vendors are fully appraised of their obligations and to whom they are accountable.
  • Improved project outcomes, i.e. cost, time, and quality.

We can carry out procurement work as a stand-alone activity or as part of an EPCM project led by ourselves. We can either work in conjunction with a client procurement team or have full responsibility for executing the procurement package.