Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessments

Businesses are required to ensure that any modified or new process plant does not have an adverse impact on surrounding land or air.

R B Plant have assisted such businesses to achieve environmental compliance. We engage with clients at the initial stages of a project as environmental impacts can affect the feasibility of a project. It’s not just the impact of the end process but the installation and construction activities during project execution that need to be assessed.

We follow a systematic and proven hazard review process as follows:

  • Identify hazardous event, e.g. Loss of Containment.
  • Determine consequence based on impact, e.g. Land contamination.
  • Identify all potential causes that could lead to hazardous event, e.g. Tank failure, overflow, pipe failure.
  • For each potential cause,
    • identify all protective measures to minimise the likelihood of each potential cause;
      • Inherent safety – e.g. specify welded rather than flanged pipe.
      • Prevention and control measures – e.g. Periodic inspections, alarms and trips.
      • Limitation measures – e.g. operator action to transfer any spillage to a safe location.
      • Consequence category based on severity of impact.
      • Estimated event frequency based on operating experience and industry guidelines.
      • Using the last two points above, then determine position on risk matrix. If TOLERABLE, no further action needed, if INTOLERABLE, identify and implement further protective measures to reduce the frequency of each event to fit within the TOLERABLE region.