Due to the infrequent nature of this activity, many clients often do not have the internal resources to lead and execute this type of work. RB Plant are therefore a natural partner for clients who may be:

  • going through restructuring
  • cease production of a product due to lack of market demand, tighter environmental legislation or a lack of local skills to keep the plant running.

Often decommissioning can be a very complex process not only impacting the plant where production is to be terminated but interfacing plant which may rely on taking feeds from or sinking intermediary products into the plant shutting down.

As well as the financial pressures to realise the benefit from ceasing manufacture of a certain product, there are also opportunities to make interfacing plant more efficient and benefit from the availability of redundant equipment which may still be suitable for use when expanding or modifying adjacent plant thereby avoiding the need to procure new equipment.

RB Plant take a holistic approach to our client’s needs and lead strategies on all affected plants not just the one being decommissioned. Our engineering teams and project managers cover all technical and commercial aspects to ensure that process plant can be decommissioned in a safe and timely fashion.