Contract Management

RB Plant plays a key role in preparing contracts between client and vendor. Crucial to this is:

  • Ensuring all parties fulfil their obligations without placing onerous terms that can impede project progress.
  • Minimising financial risk.
  • Ensuring all performance guarantees have been honoured.
  • Ensuring value to the client stated in project objectives has been realised.

We foster a collaborative culture within RB Plant and between clients, ourselves and any third parties such as sub-contractors or vendors. This results in an amicable resolution to issues such as project overruns which, if not dealt with expediently and sensitively, can result in disputes escalating and time spent seeking redress rather than focusing on achieving mutual project goals.

When negotiating contracts with clients, we typically tailor our contracts to suit the type of work proposed, for example, fixed cost reimbursable. This allows flexibility for variations in scope but gives clients reassurance that should the scope remain fixed, they will also have a fixed budget to invest in the project.