Construction Management & CDM

At RB Plant we recognise that although the construction phase brings a project to life and can be highly rewarding, it also brings risks which, if mismanaged, can result in significant and costly remedial work.

That is why we have dedicated Construction and CDM Managers as we believe this area warrants attention from team members who have the specific training and background to plan for success but also mitigate risks.

As well as having the area-specific skills, our managers also have an engineering and site background so are fully versed in applying their Construction and CDM expertise in a pragmatic fashion, allowing for excellent communication with the engineers who led the designs for the equipment to be installed and connected.

A key area in which we support clients is by managing the logistics of installing new plants around existing set ups. This can entail numerous interfaces, space constraints and pressure to modify the existing process in time to accommodate new equipment. The success of our clients’ projects bears testimony to years of experience in pro-actively overcoming these hurdles.

Our Construction and CDM resources are offered as a stand-alone service within a project arranged by a client or third party, or as CDM and Construction Management within an EPCM project led by ourselves.

Our services include:

  • Adhesion to safety standards and regulatory compliance.
  • Full compliance with CDM 2015 regulations.
  • Full compliance with quality and environmental standards.
  • Co-ordination between vendors, sub-contractors and client ensuring milestones are achieved and logistics managed to avoid delays and manage conflicts.
  • Full inspection of mechanical equipment ensuring conformance to engineering specifications.