Commissioning, Training & Validation

This is the ultimate step towards beneficial operation for the client. RB Plant’s engineers have the experience to cover everything from pre-requisite checks right through to client handover.

Our activities cover the following:

  • Final hazard studies ensuring that all actions have been signed off and implemented.
  • Installation checks carried out to ensure that the process equipment, vessels, pipework, electrical and control infrastructure comply with the design and hazard studies.
  • Production of:
    • Wet and dry commissioning procedures.
    • Validation protocols to GMAP 5.
    • IQ and OQ/PQ protocols.
  • Commissioning execution and supervision ensuring that each activity is systematically carried out in accordance with protocols.
  • Remedial action and/or troubleshooting if deviation from expected outcome occurs.
  • Checks to ensure vendor performance guarantees are honoured as per contract.
  • Training of operating staff.
  • Handover sessions to clients.
  • Any further recommended work if not already carried out. This may include for example:
    • Inspection regime and or Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme to prolong equipment life and performance.
    • Production or revision of engineering standards which can be inherited by client into their generic procedures for future projects.