Commercial & Technical Bid Analysis

R B Plant often carry out CBAs and TBAs on behalf of clients, giving them the following benefits:

  • Like-for-like assessment of vendors’ bids.
  • 100% impartiality as R B Plant have no affiliation with any vendor.
  • Assurance that all required deliverables covered in scope.
  • Much lower risk of project cost, timescale overruns, variations and delayed beneficial operation.
  • Original Return On Investment (ROI) realised.

We also produce engineering specifications which have received a positive reaction from clients. This ensures that vendors are clear on what they are quoting against without having to rely on vendor specifications which make it impractical to compare vendor proposals on a like-for-like basis.

We evaluate vendors’/sub-contractors’ proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Price – ensuring that all plant equipment items and accompanying services have been covered. Given the other factors below, R B Plant do not always necessarily recommend the cheapest bid.
  • Timescales.
  • Previous experience and credentials. Selection of vendors already included in R B Plant’s or/and the Client’s Approved Supplier List or inclusion where appropriate. To this end, R B Plant have a standard supplier pre-qualification questionnaire to be completed and assessed.
  • Terms and conditions offered. Where appropriate, we will negotiate to ensure the vendor honours performance guarantees and adhesion to the contract whilst fairly supporting them to deliver their product/services.

Our rigorous approach ensures that the most beneficial/lowest risk option is chosen for the smooth financial and logistical running of the project.