Hazard Studies & HAZOPs

Hazard Studies and HAZOPs

R B Plant participate in and chair hazard studies which is critical to identifying and mitigating potential hazards and operability issues which could adversely impact people, infrastructure or the environment. The most recognised method is via a HAZOP study. We can lead this work either for existing or new plant.

Examples of typical hazards include:

  • Explosions.
  • Chemical releases or Loss Of Containment (LOC).
  • Ground contamination.


  • Legal compliance.
  • Protect license to operate.
  • Protection of staff welfare and nearby community thereby avoiding adverse PR.
  • Higher confidence amongst senior management.
  • Safer and more efficient processes.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Higher profitability.

How do clients benefit from R B Plant’s unique approach?

  • We select the appropriate study for the process in question. This results in a time-efficient process yet with pertinent risks being identified.
  • We have the depth and variety of expertise amongst all our engineering disciplines to collectively ensure that all hazard scenarios are identified, and actions implemented.