COMAH Compliance

COMAH and Regulatory Compliance


Our engineers come from manufacturing as well as design office backgrounds. We are therefore fully familiar not only with hazards on an operating facility, but the protective measures that need to be implemented to control and mitigate the hazards.

We produce Basis Of Safety (BOS) reports for clients operating a low-tier or top-tier COMAH facility, these rigorously ensure that a new or existing process is:

  • Designed or modified to achieve legislative compliance
  • Operated within safe limits – for example ensuring a flammable gas is operating outside its flammability envelope.


At R B Plant we are fully conversant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP/cGMP) aim to ensure the effective design, operation and control of Pharmaceutical and Life Science production processes and facilities.

We can:

  • Review your existing and planned processes/facilities to ensure GMP compliance.
  • Produce Validation protocols to satisfy the relevant Regulatory requirements. Our clients have been satisfied to the extent where they inherit the standards internally to use on other projects.