Positively impacting project management

In management positions, the ability to fulfil the role well does not rely solely on qualifications and experience. The personal qualities an individual brings to the position have a significant impact on their success.

Success in most fields requires commitment to the work and a tenacity which precludes giving up even in the most trying of circumstances. Sticking to objectives in the face of obstacles shows your commitment in action. Maintaining a positive, confident outlook together with vision and commitment enables a calm approach and using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) route to set goals helps you achieve them scientifically.

Being proactive and taking the initiative means that you are constantly assessing each stage of the project, identifying risks and taking steps to mitigate them pre-emptively. This is where the ability to be decisive is key as it enables well-informed and timely decisions to move the project forward as time management is crucial to avoid project delays.

Projects will inevitably run into problems from resource hold-ups to inaccurate status reports, to security breaches. Project managers who bring a willingness and ability to solve them, recognise that they are an inevitable part of the job, and embrace and resolve them, are likely to be more successful than those who don’t. As setbacks and unannounced delays are a reality, the ability to be as flexible as possible to adjust when necessary is a valuable attribute.

Leading from the front is the way to take the team to successful and timely project completion, regardless of repetition, tedium or frustration. Interacting with and involving the team can help gauge morale and maintain motivation by showing that they are valued.

The ability to handle criticism is an important trait for a project manager as there will be some. By taking criticism professionally and constructively, rather than defensively means that problems can be solved. It’s probably not personal, it adds to experience, and it will improve your skills for next project.

Likewise, honesty when sharing feedback with the team reduces the chance of miscommunication, even if the feedback is less than positive. Honesty leads to trust which leads to respect.

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