Driving excellence through change – BIM

RB Plant are delighted to have attained BIM Design and Construction compliance in accordance with ISO 19650-2, further consolidating our position across various industrial sectors.

This is not simply an accreditation for the sake of one but a tool that complements our existing capabilities.

It supports driving client satisfaction through change and collaboration so that we successfully deliver project outcomes to cost and schedule constraints.

80% of our business comes from repeat clients due to our approach which combines collaboration, mutual success, adaptability, and the ability to embrace new tools that align with evolving standards and regulations.

This dynamic BIM ecosystem is a strong example.

Here are some testimonials from our team as to how BIM has enhanced their role in delivering for their clients:

“The right people receive the right information at the right time.”

Matthew Taylor – Mechanical Engineer

“BIM plays a pivotal role in our projects, and it is becoming increasingly adopted. Not only does it provide better project efficiency, but our clients can benefit from a better visualization on the project.”

Lauriann Williams – Civil and Structural Engineer

Both new and existing clients can now expect the following benefits working with RB Plant:

  • BIM is now an integral part of our business enabling us to deliver on quality, time, and reduce cost.
  • Seamless integration with our existing systems.
  • Alignment with industry BIM requirements and standards.
  • Defined standards, best practices, regulations, and compliance.
  • Maximum efficiency through a logical and holistic approach.
  • Leverage of teams’ experience, continuous learning, and ability to correct issues before incurring significant cost and time penalties.
  • Relationships that help identify gaps and outline opportunities for improvements within existing workflows and process.
  • Provision of ongoing training for employees to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to offer the best to our clients.
  • Refined and consolidated in-house software and tools, enabling us to remain at the forefront of technology.
  • AutoDesk BIM360 cloud-based collaboration system to further strengthen our remote working, connecting us both internally and with our clients’ engineering teams.

Why not contact RB Plant to discuss how our capabilities can support you with any engineering or project challenges?

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